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TraceLoops Artist Series Tee

On the outside of this shirt: an unbroken but very twisty line, drawn in a single stroke by Matthias Brown. On the inside: you, enjoying your new shirt.

• Single continuous line makes it impossible to get lost.
• Enjoys being pre-treated for stains.
• Favorite hang out: drawers.
• Visible in daylight.

About the artist:
I’m a graphic designer with a strong interest in animation, printmaking, book arts, and digital art. My design philosophy is based in the idea that the final product should be a conversation between the audience and the design. I believe that design works best when there is a participatory or interactive element that makes the work memorable. I believe that design is complex in its fragility and simplicity. Finding the precise balance between too much and too little is an exciting prospect for me. I spend my free time experimenting.